What is Public Accounting?

Public Accounting is the practice of accounting, tax, and consulting services to individuals and businesses. Many see public accounting as simply keeping their business in compliance with laws and regulations Your business needs and deserves so much more. Make no mistake, compliance is at our core, but at Manley Garvin, we are accounting for more.

How can Manley Garvin help my business?

As a team, Manley Garvin touts expertise across a wide-array of businesses and industries. Our team members have worked alongside business leaders from all over the southeast. We will work with you and provide the expertise that you didn’t realize you needed. With our help, you will spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business.

If we decided to switch accounting solutions, when should we make the move?

There is no time like the present. Switching accounting solutions can be a scary transition. Manley Garvin understands this and helps every step of the way. Manley Garvin has a team of onboarding specialists at the ready waiting to assist you in making the transition to a better accounting solution.

What makes you different than other traditional accounting firms?

Traditional accounting firms are driven by the almighty billable hour. Manley Garvin is driven by its service to our clients. Manley Garvin believes in client success as much as we believe in our own success. We are dedicated to giving the client respect, satisfaction, and results. We are an extension of the client and bring a personal touch that most firms overlook.

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